Scale Up, Scale Back, or Maintain: A data-driven approach to sustainability planning

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We begin sustainability planning by looking back, to look forward. We encourage you to schedule time with your program’s leadership team, advisory board, and/or school administration to consider which elements of the Youth CareerConnect program you should work to sustain as your grant funding ends.

For each program element below, note activities you would like to sustain, activities you should not sustain, and activities you would like to add. Also, include details about the rationale for your decision.

Resources to review as you complete this tool include: the YCC grant application, project work plan, your district’s strategic and/or college/career ready plan, and grant reports.

Use these questions to frame your decision-making as you complete the sustainability tool. The completed tool will be the foundation for the Opening Plenary on sustainability during the Virtual Training on April 25. 


What activities do you want to sustain? Consider sustaining activities that:

  • Link to or support achievement of district strategic goals
  • Performance measures and data suggest they were successful
  • Meet an identified school or community need


What activities should you not sustain? Criteria include:

  • Little or no evidence of success
  • Staff lacks the expertise/knowledge/time
  • Activity relied on a partner no longer engaged


What activities would you like to add? Criteria include:

  • Participants have requested the activity
  • Needs have been identified by school leaders
  • Opportunities have arisen from new partnerships

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