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Individuals require many skills to be college and career ready, including academic knowledge, technical expertise, and a set of general, cross-cutting abilities called employability skills. Employability skills are general skills that are necessary for success in the labor market at all employment levels and in all sectors. 

These skills have a number of names— soft skills, workforce readiness skills, career readiness skills— but they all speak to the same set of core skills that employers want. 

This webinar will feature a high level review of the Employability Skills Framework from the U.S. Department of Education. We will then feature a YCC grantee. Anson County has incorporated employability skills into many aspects of their program. They will share how they started the process, the adjustments they made, and the student successes they have witnessed along the way. 

Featured Speakers:
Robin Utz,  Office of Career, Technical, & Adult Education, U. S. Department of Education
Deborah Davis, Director of Secondary Education, Youth Career Connect STEM Academy (Anson County, NC) and staff from Anson County Youth Career Connect STEM Academy


  • Learn why the Employability Skills Framework was created
  • Discover how one YCC grantee is implementing Employabilty Skills in their program
  • Learn tips on how you can implement employability skills in your program. 

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