The purpose of this report is to explore implementation of YCC about two years after funding began. The report draws information from five sources: (1) a grantee survey describing YCC as it was implemented in one of its schools, (2) grantees’ quarterly progress report narratives, (3) visits to 10 grantees, (4) YCC’s Participant Tracking System, and (5) a survey of parents and students in YCC in 8 of the grantees visited.
Through descriptive analysis of these data sources, the report addresses five research questions:
  1. What types of students does YCC serve?
  2. What program components are being implemented?
  3. What distinguishes YCC from other programs?
  4. What challenges do grantees face in implementing YCC, and how do they overcome those challenges?
  5. How do grantees plan to sustain the program beyond the grant period?

Download the Early Implementation Findings Report

The preliminary results from this report were presented at the 2017 YCC National Grantee Conference. A recording of the session and presentation files can be found on the Performance, Reporting and Evaluation Updates resources page.