The Youth CareerConnect program is designed to strengthen college- and career-readiness by redesigning the high school experience to focus on providing students with challenging, relevant learning opportunities, and enabling schools to develop new partnerships with colleges and employers to support instruction and to help develop the skills students need to be prepared for jobs now and in the future. It will provide high school students with education and training that combines rigorous academic and technical curriculum focused on specific H-1B in-demand industries or careers that will increase participants’ employability in high-growth, in-demand occupations and industries and prepare them for post-secondary education.

In April 2014, $107 million was awarded to 24 YCC grantees across 18 states and Puerto Rico.


Grant Recipients

YCC grants were awarded to local education agencies, local workforce entities, and non-profits.


 Map of United States with YCC grantees marked

Program Models

YCC program models cover two, three, or four years of high school, always including a student’s final two years of high school, and in a few sites one or two years of higher education.  Each program includes industry-specific classes available only to program participants and all program services are provided at no cost to program participants. 


Program Goals

The ultimate goals for YCC programs are to ensure that participants gain academic and occupational skills by completing the program and graduating from high school; move into a positive placement following high school that includes unsubsidized employment, post-secondary education, long-term occupational skills training, or Registered Apprenticeship; obtain an industry-recognized credential in an H-1B industry or occupation for those industries where credential attainment is feasible by program completion, and earn post-secondary credit towards a degree or credit-bearing certificate issued by an institution of higher education. 


Six Core Areas

Youth CareerConnect schools will strengthen America's talent pipeline through:

Integrated Academic and Career-Focused Learning
Work-Based Learning and Exposure to the World of Work
Robust Employer Engagement
Individualized Career and Academic Counseling
Integration of Post-secondary Education and Training
Program Sustainability


If you would like to share any information with the community, e-mail it to ycc@dol.gov.